Ed Barsano is an experienced businessman

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Ed Barsano is an experienced businessman who has a background in both development of software services and investments. Ed Barsano is the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a company called CoolTrade Inc. Additionally, Ed Barsano is an owner and Investment Advisor for the Automated Capital Systems Hedge Fund.

Ed Barsano worked for the Microsoft Corporation from August 1987 until February 1995. During the time he was working for Microsoft, Ed Barsano held positions like software design engineer, project manager, and worldwide operations unit manager. In 1995, he retired from Microsoft and began investing and managing his own stock portfolio. In 2001, he combined his knowledge of investing and software development expertise in order to develop and then distribute a neural network-based buy/sell stock trading system that would soon become popular with local day trading outfits. Ed Barsano would later develop CoolTrade Inc. as a robotic/automated trading platform. Today, this platform is used by clients in more than sixty countries all over the world.

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